Chapter 25. Running PCLinuxOS


  • Starting with PCLinuxOS

  • Installing PCLinuxOS

  • Remastering PCLinuxOS

With many commercial Linux distributions focusing on large enterprise server systems, other distributions have stepped up to go the last mile for desktop users. PCLinuxOS ( is one such desktop-oriented Linux system.

PCLinuxOS is a Linux distribution that makes it easy for desktop users to be able to run the kind of applications they need and play the type of content they want without jumping through hoops. It's distributed on a live CD, so you can try it first and then, if you like it, follow a simple install procedure that starts from an icon on the desktop.

By offering many popular applications that are lacking in other Linux desktop distributions and adding some great remastering and customization tools, PCLinuxOS has gained a large and enthusiastic following of desktop Linux users. PCLinuxOS makes leaving behind your Windows desktop system for Linux without leaving behind your music, videos, or documents easy.

Besides being able to play MP3 and Flash content from the get-go, PCLinuxOS makes getting software for playing commercial DVD movies, Windows media content, and other content types where it is legal to do so easy. It is set up so that with just a few quick downloads you can play the content you care about most.

Adding to the stability of the PCLinuxOS desktop experience is the fact that PCLinuxOS doesn't always just chase the latest bits of open source ...

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