[option, …] [file,…]

Report the amount of space used and available on filesystem(s).

Example: To print out the current state of the filesystems with size in megabytes, use

df -h

where Filesystem is the disk partition corresponding to the mounted filesystem. Mounted on gives the entry in /etc/fstab corresponding to the disk partition. Size, Used, and Avail are the

Filesystem    Size  Used  Avail  Capacity Mounted on
/dev/hda5     167M   45M   114M     28%   /
/dev/hda7     402M  2.9M   379M      1%   /home
/dev/hda6     1.6G  815M   703M     54%   /usr

obvious (though normally displayed by block count rather than megabytes).

Filesystems do fill up. The following commands may be ...

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