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Linux® Desktop Garage

Book Description

Enter your Linux Desktop Garage

Don't just survive with Linux: thrive

Find tools & info to do practically everything, such as:

Ripping your CDs (&DVDs) De-Spam-ifying your email Capturing, editing, organizing your digital photos Chatting with your Linux-deficient IM pals Tracking your contacts, appointments, life Transforming Firefox into easy blogware Finding great substitutes for your Windows apps Diving into a veritable plethora of games

Where you get the truth (unvarnished)

Where you get productive (quick)

Where Linux is fun (honest)

Your guide: Susan Matteson, real user, real expert

She reveals the fun stuff (from MP3s to desktop wallpaper)

Demystifies the essentials (from file management to passwords)

Simplifies the tasks they said were easy, but weren't (until now)

Where there's even more (plenty)

  • Step-by-step instructions for both Mandrake & Fedora Linux

  • Zero-hassle tips for managing & personalizing your PC

  • Gnoppix Linux on CD-ROM (run Linux without touching Windows)

  • © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. The Garage Series
    3. Preface: Why a Book About the Linux Desktop?
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Author
    6. What Are You Getting Into?
      1. Mastering the Lingo
      2. How to Get a Linux Distribution
      3. Which Distro?
      4. Burning Disk Images
      5. Dual-Booting
      6. A Few Installation Notes
      7. Startup and Login
      8. Links
    7. The All-Expense-Paid Desktop Tour
      1. Login Managers
      2. The Desktop Landscape
      3. Panels and Menus
      4. Virtual Desktops
      5. Manage Your Files
      6. The Terminal
      7. Links
    8. System Tools and Utilities
      1. What Are System Tools and Utilities?
      2. Fedora's System Tools and System Settings
      3. Mandrakelinux Control Center
      4. Printing
      5. Connecting to the World
      6. Installing New Software
      7. Links
    9. What's Your Preference?
      1. What Can You Change on Your Desktop?
      2. KDE Control Center
      3. GNOME Control Center
      4. Icons
      5. Fonts
      6. Links
    10. Browse the Internet
      1. Mozilla
      2. Mozilla Firefox
      3. Konqueror
      4. Other Browsers Available for Linux
      5. Multimedia on the Web
      6. The Skinny
      7. Links
    11. E-mail and Newsgroups
      1. E-mail
      2. Newsgroups
      3. The Skinny
      4. Links
    12. Schedules, Contacts, and Tasks
      1. Evolution
      2. KDE-PIM Suite
      3. Syncing with Your PDA
      4. The Skinny
      5. Links
    13. Office Documents and Software Suites
      1. Building D: Section b, Custodial Engineering Plaza
      2. OpenOffice.org
      3. Other Office and Productivity Programs
      4. PDF Documents
      5. The Skinny
      6. Links
    14. Photos and Graphics
      1. Digital Cameras
      2. Create and Edit Images
      3. Manage Images and Photo Albums
      4. The Skinny
      5. Links
    15. Instant Messaging and Chat
      1. Dustological Empiricism and Instant Messaging
      2. Gaim
      3. Kopete
      4. Yahoo! Messenger
      5. What Is IRC?
      6. ChatZilla
      7. XChat
      8. The Skinny
      9. Links
    16. Music and Movies
      1. Play Music
      2. Watch Movies
      3. The Skinny
      4. Links
    17. Play Games
      1. Prometheus Fragged: The Lost Play of Aeschylus
      2. Free Games
      3. Other Free Games
      4. Commercial Games
      5. Other Commercial Games
      6. Emulators
      7. WineX/Cedega
      8. The Skinny
      9. Links
    18. Running Windows Applications
      1. Wine
      2. CrossOver Office
      3. Win4Lin
      4. VMWare
      5. The Skinny
      6. Links
    19. FAQ
      1. Windows to Linux Switcher Toolkit
    20. Glossary
    21. CD-ROM
      1. About the CD-ROM
      2. CD-ROM Disclaimer
    22. Index