2.3. Jed

Jed was designed as a small, lightweight editor. It has many of the functions required by application programmers and can be set up with one of several different key bindings to aid people transitioning from other editors.

The main Jed configuration file is in JEDROOT/lib/jed.rc (/usr/share/jed/lib/jed.rc if the RedHat RPM was used to install the application). This file contains the default values for all users, but it is only read if the user does not have a local configuration file present in the home directory.

2.3.1. Configuring Jed

Individual users may change their default setting by copying JEDROOT/lib/jed.rc to .jedrc in their home directory:

$ cp /usr/share/jed/lib/jed.rc ~/.jedrc

This file may be edited to change the initial ...

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