Configuring e-mail clients

Instead of placing spam in a separate folder by using Procmail, this can be performed by the e-mail client. Most e-mail clients allow rules or filters to be created. These typically come into action when new e-mail is read or a folder is opened.

Rules in an e-mail client run on the value of an e-mail header. It is best to use the X‑Spam-Flag and search for the value YES. The procedure to move tagged messages to a separate folder is outlined as follows:

  1. Create a folder or mailbox for holding spam e-mail. The folder name should be intuitive, for example Spam.
  2. Create a rule to be run when e-mails arrive. The rule should look for the text X‑Spam-Flag in the message headers.
  3. The action on the rule should be to move the e-mail ...

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