Booting from the DVD-ROM

To install items from the DVD-ROM to your hard drive, follow these steps:

Insert the DVD-ROM into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive.
Reboot your PC. As long as your PC is configured to boot from the DVD-ROM, this step starts the Linux installation process for you automatically.
To install Fedora, press Enter.

Congratulations! The Linux installation process is now underway. For the rest of the gory details on this fascinating task, please consult Chapter 3. If you had to order the CD-ROMs from a supplier such as, boot with the first CD for the same effect as booting with the DVD.

And some people say that installing Linux is hard! What could be easier than this? On the other hand, if all you want to do is investigate the contents of the Linux installation DVD-ROM, simply insert it into your machine’s DVD-ROM drive. After that, you can browse through the DVD-ROM’s contents right there in Windows. The contents are described in the following section.

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