Browse the Web with Firefox

Many people attribute the explosive growth of the Internet to the graphical Web browser. The Internet has been around for much longer than the invention of the browser. It’s just that most of the work done on the Internet was in plain old text, which held little attraction for those people who like pretty pictures. In the world of Linux, the most popular browser is arguably Firefox (, which is based on Mozilla — essentially Firefox is just the Web browser portion of Mozilla, whereas Mozilla can also handle e-mail and news browsing. Another popular option is Konqueror (, which besides being a good Web browser, also includes file-browsing features similar to the Nautilus program.

Configuring Firefox

You can start surfing right now, if you want. You don’t need to customize your browser. However, you may want to take a moment to tell Firefox your preferences, such as the default Web site to show when it starts up, what font sizes to use by default, what colors to use, and many other options.

The following steps introduce you to the Preferences window, where all the Firefox configuration parameters are stored:

Start Firefox. Fedora provides two ways for you to start Firefox. You can use the standard menu entry by clicking ApplicationsInternetFirefox, or, if you’re in a hurry, you can just click the globe ...

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