Step 2: Create Linux Groups

The next step in creating your file server is to create the necessary groups in Linux. The file server uses the Linux groups to control access to the individual shared folders that you’ll create. For this step, you need to use the Fedora User and Group Manager:

Select SystemAdministrationUsers and Groups from the panel menu. The User Manager window appears. If you are not logged in as the root user, Fedora first asks you for the root password to continue. This tool provides a graphical interface for creating and managing users and groups on the system.
Click the Add Group icon to add a new Linux group. The Create New Group window, shown in Figure 21-1 appears.
Figure 21-1. The Fedora Create New Group window.

In the text box, enter the name of the group you want to use to control the shared folder. Leave the Specify ID manually check box blank. Fedora automatically assigns a unique group number to the group. Use this technique to create a group called accounting, and then another group called sales. The new groups appear in the group listing under the Groups tab.

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