Appendix B. About the DVD-ROM

The DVD-ROM included with this book contains everything you need to install and run either Ubuntu 9.04 workstation or Fedora 11. This is the equivalent of the LiveCD you'd have to download from the Ubuntu Web site, or the full Fedora installation DVD-ROM you would have to download from the Fedora Project's Web site. The DVD includes the following:

  • The Ubuntu Linux workstation LiveCD: A Linux distribution that includes most of the common workstation applications. You can use the LiveCD to either boot directly from your PC's CD-ROM drive to test Ubuntu without having to load it on your PC, or load Ubuntu directly onto your hard drive.

  • The full Fedora full installation DVD-ROM: A Linux distribution that includes just about every Linux application available. Since it's an installation DVD-ROM you can't run this distribution directly from your DVD-ROM device. When you boot from the full Fedora installation DVD-ROM, it automatically starts the Fedora installation program to install Fedora on your hard drive. Don't use this feature if you don't want to replace your existing workstation operating system.

  • KDE(the K Desktop Environment) and GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment): The two leading graphical user interfaces for Linux. Ubuntu uses the GNOME desktop, but in the Fedora installation you can pick the one you like best!

  • Mozilla Firefox: The best-of-breed Web browser for your Linux machine, just waiting for your surfing pleasure.

  • Samba: The best way to ...

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