Chapter 3. Installing Linux

In This Chapter

  • Considering some last-minute issues before installation

  • Installing Ubuntu from a LiveCD

  • Installing Fedora as a personal desktop

  • Booting Fedora for the first time


Do, or do not. There is no "try."

 --Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

No longer are arcane glyphs and complex sorcerer's spells required to install Linux. The graphical installation is now quite easy to perform and will be familiar to you if you're coming from another graphical operating system, such as Microsoft Windows. This chapter provides the details.

The installer is actually pretty smart. You may find that you don't see exactly the same screens that we show in this chapter. If you see something unfamiliar or don't see a screen that we cover here, don't panic. The installer is just adjusting what it offers based on the hardware in your system and what you choose to install.


In this chapter, we show you how to install a Linux desktop on your personal computer. If you want to install a Linux server on your network, plenty of other books focus on servers. It is just not possible to cover both desktop and server functions to a satisfying depth in a book of this size.

Things to Consider Before You Begin Installation

There are two ways you can install Linux from the DVD-ROM included with this book:

  • Copy the Ubuntu LiveCD ISO image from the DVD-ROM, burn it to CDs, and then boot from the CDs to install Ubuntu.

  • Copy the Fedora full installation DVD image from the DVD-ROM, burn it to CDs, ...

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