mkisofs [options] -o 

Generate an ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem for writing to a CD with a utility such as cdrecord. (HFS is the native Macintosh Hierarchical File System.) mkisofs takes a snapshot of a directory tree and generates a binary image that corresponds to an ISO9660 or HFS filesystem when it is written to a block device. Each specified pathspec describes the path of a directory tree to be copied into the ISO9660 filesystem; if multiple paths are specified, the files in all the paths are merged to form the image.


-A id, -appid id

Specify a text string id that describes the application to be written into the volume header.

-abstract file

Specify the abstract filename. Overrides an ABST= file entry in .mkisofsrc.


Allow ISO9660 filenames to be lowercase. Violates the ISO9660 standard.


Allow more than one dot in ISO9660 filenames. Violates the ISO9660 standard.

-b image

Specify the path and filename of the boot image to be used for making a bootable CD based on the El Torito specification.

-B sun-images

Specify a comma-separated list of boot images needed to make a bootable CD for a Sun Sparc system.

-biblio file

Specify bibliographic filename. Overrides a BIBLIO= file entry in .mkisofsrc.


Specify that a 56-byte table with information on the CD layout is to be patched in at offset 8 of the boot file. If specified, the table is patched into the source boot file, so make a copy if the ...

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