apt-cdrom [options] command

Add a new CD-ROM to APT’s list of available sources. The database of CD-ROM IDs that APT maintains is /var/lib/apt/cdroms.list.



Add a CD-ROM to the source list.


Print the identity of the current CD-ROM and the stored filename. Used for debugging.


-a, --thorough

Do a thorough package scan. May be needed with some old Debian CD-ROMs.

-c file, --config-file= file

Specify a configuration file to be read after the default configuration file.

-d mount-point, --cdrom= mount-point

Specify the CD-ROM mount point, which must be listed in /etc/fstab. The configuration option is Acquire::cdrom::mount.

-f, --fast

Do a fast copy, assuming the files are valid and don’t all need checking. Specify this only if disk has been run before without error. The configuration option is APT::CDROM:: Fast.

-h, --help

Print help message and exit.

-m, --no-mount

Don’t mount or unmount the mount point. The configuration option is APT::CDROM::NoMount.

-n, --just-print, --recon, --no-act

Check everything, but don’t actually make any changes. The configuration option is APT::CDROM::NoAct.

-o, --option

Set a configuration option. Syntax is -o group::tool = option.

-r, --rename

Prompt for a new label and rename the disk to the new value. The configuration option is APT::CDROM::Rename.

-v, --version

Print the version information and exit.

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