lftp [options] [url]

File transfer program with more features than ftp. The lftp command allows FTP and HTTP protocol transfers, plus other protocols including FISH (SSH based), FTPS, and HTTPS. It uses a shell-like command interface and offers job control in a manner similar to bash. lftp has two important reliability features: it resumes failed or interrupted transactions, and it goes into the background automatically if it is quit in the middle of a file transfer.



Run in debug mode.

-e commands

Start, execute the specified commands, and then wait for further instructions.

-p portnumber

Connect to the specified port number.

-u user[,pass]

Login to the server with the username (and, optionally, password) you specify.

-f scriptfile

Run the specified script file of lftp commands, then exit.

-c commands

Run the commands specified, then exit.


The lftp commands are similar to those for ftp. However, lftp lacks or uses different mechanisms for a number of commands, including $, ascii, binary, case, and macdef. It also adds the following:

alias [name [value]]

Create an alias for a command. For example, you could set dir to be an alias for ls -lf.


Set the username to anonymous. This is the default username.


Execute a command at a given time, as with the at command in an actual shell.

bookmark [arguments]

The lftp bookmark command used with the following arguments will add, delete, edit, import, or list bookmarks, respectively:

  • add name url

  • del name

  • edit

  • import type

  • list ...

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