tset [options] [terminal]
reset [options] [terminal]

Initialize a terminal. The terminal to be initialized is whichever is found first from the value of terminal, the value of the TERM environment variable, or the default terminal type. See also the reset command.



Set control characters.


Set the erase character to char.


Set the interrupt character to char.


Do not send terminal or tab initialization strings to the terminal.


Set line-kill character to char.

-m arg

Specify a mapping from a port type to a terminal, where arg looks like this:


operator can be any combination of < (less than), > (greater than), @ (equal), and ! (not). The terminal type is a string (e.g., vt100 or xterm).


Print the terminal type on standard output but do not initialize the terminal.


Don’t display values for the erase, interrupt, and line kill characters.


Print the terminal type to standard error.


Print the shell commands that initialize the TERM environment variable on standard output.


Print the version of ncurses used for this program and exit.

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