git config [--global] --list
git config [--global] name
git config [--global] name value

List, get, or set configuration values. If --global is given, uses your account-wide default settings (in ˜/.gitconfig); otherwise uses the settings for the current repository (in .git/config). Instead of using git config, you can also just view or edit these files directly.

The most important settings are:


If true, converts LF line endings to CRLF on files when checking out and converts the line endings back to LF when committing.


Makes this repository a bare repository, which means it has no work tree. (Public shared repositories are usually bare.)


Set to either all, group, or false. If group, the files in .git will be group readable and writable. If all, the files will also be readable (but not writable) by everyone.


The path of your favourite text editor, for editing commit messages. The $EDITOR environment variable overrides this.


Controls how frequently Git will automatically run git gc after common operations. To disable it completely, use 0.


When committing a conflicted merge, Git will remember how you resolved the conflict and attempt to reuse the recorded resolution if it encounters it again in the future.

Your email address. This will be attached to commit messages automatically. The $EMAIL environment variable overrides this.

You full name. This will be attached to commit ...

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