Chapter 10. Performance Toolkit for VM updates for function level 510 197
4. OPTION QUICKDSP also ensures that Performance Toolkit for VM will be
dispatched long enough.
5. The LINKs to 5VMPTK10 minidisks provide access to the control files and
executable parts of Performance Toolkit for VM.
6. The MDISK 191 defines the PERFSVM machine’s A-disk.
7. The MDISK 195 defines a disk on which history data can be saved.
The PROFILE EXECSAMP has also been updated to reflect the changes to the
minidisks that are used for the control files.
10.3 Control file changes for FL510
The files that are necessary to control Performance Toolkit for VM are located on
5VMPTK10 users 1CC disk. These can be modified and kept on the 1CC disk for
local tailoring. The latest serviced copy of each is kept on the 2C2 disk. For any
permanent changes to control files, you should use the VMSES/E local
modification instructions found in Guide for Automated Installation and Service,
SC24-6099. This will create an update on the 2C4 disc and alert you when
service is applied to a control file. The 1CC disk will be used by the PERFSVM
10.3.1 FCONX $PROFILE change
The FCONX $PROFILE file contains Performance Toolkit for VM commands to
set up and control how the Performance Toolkit for VM will operate. The FC
MONCOLL RESET command has been changed to reflect the new summary file
creation similar to VMPRF SUMMARY files. You can now use S as a suffix to tell
PERFKIT to create a summary file at the specified time. You can specify all (P, T,
and S — print, trend, and summary) at one time or use a separate set of times for
each. See Figure 10-3 on page 199 for an example.
10.3.2 Performance Toolkit for VM report changes
Changes have been made to these Linux reports:
They can be entered without specifying a user ID. This produces the new screen
with an entry for each Linux user ID that is producing APPLDATA. From these
new screens you can now select more details by user ID. See 10.5, “Using
APPLDATA from Linux” on page 200 for more details.

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