How to do it...

  1. A numeric value is assigned to a variable the same way strings are assigned. The value will be treated as a number by the methods that access it:
  1. The let command is used to perform basic operations directly. Within a let command, we use variable names without the $ prefix. Consider this example:
        let result=no1+no2
        echo $result

                  Other uses of let command are as follows:

  • Use this for increment: 
                $ let no1++
  • For decrement, use this:
                $ let no1--
  • Use these for shorthands:
                let no+=6
                let no-=6

                These are equal to let no=no+6 and let no=no-6, respectively.

  • Alternate methods are as follows:

              The [] operator is used in the ...

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