Using set to debug scripts

You can use the set commands to help with debugging your scripts. There are two common options to set, x and v. Here is a description of each.

Note that a - activates the set while a + deactivates it. If that sounds backwards to you it is because it is backwards.


  • set -x: to display the expanded trace before running the command
  • set -v: to display the input line as it is parsed

Take a look at Script 5 which shows what set -x does:

Chapter 9 - Script 5 and Script 6

# 6/7/2017
set -x                       # turn debugging on

echo "Chapter 9 - Script 5"

while [ $x -lt 5 ]
 echo "x: $x"
 let x++

echo "End of script5"
exit 0

And the output:

If this looks a little strange at first don't worry, it gets easier the more you look ...

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