10.9. Special Variables and Modifiers

Built into the TC shell are several variables consisting of one character. The $ preceding the character allows variable interpretation. See Table 10.21.

Table 10.21. Variables and Their Meanings
Variable Example Meaning
$?var echo $?name Returns 1 if variable has been set, 0 if not.
$#var echo $#fruit Prints the number of elements in an array.
$%var echo $%name Prints number of characters in a variable or array.
$$ echo $$ Prints the PID of the current shell.
$< set name = $< Accepts a line of input from user up to newline.
$? echo $? Same as $status. Contains the exit status of the last command.
$! kill $! Contains the process id number of the last job put in the background.
Example ...

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