Linux with zSeries and ESS: Essentials

Book description

This IBM Redbooks publication presents high-level information on Linux in conjunction with IBM and TotalStorage products, giving proof points that these products can be deployed all together to provide enterprise-class solutions.

In particular this book looks at Linux with the zSeries servers and IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) disk products. The book describes the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) support now available when connecting the ESS to a zSeries host running Linux. The last chapter describes the ESS copy services available for Linux on zSeries.

This book is intended as a starting point and reference for IBM representatives, Business Partners, or clients who are planning Linux based solutions with IBM zServers and ESS storage products.

Most of the information contained in this book is a compilation of the material from the Linux Handbook, SG24-7000, and Implementing Linux with IBM Disk Storage, SG24-6262-01. We encourage the reader to refer to those IBM Redbooks for more complete information, or for implementation details.

Table of contents

  1. Figures
  2. Tables
  3. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  4. Preface
    1. The team that wrote this redbook
    2. Become a published author
    3. Comments welcome
  5. Chapter 1: Introduction to Linux
    1. The foundation for Linux
    2. The GNU General Public License
    3. Open source
    4. Linux: The operating system
    5. Where Linux fits in
      1. Working with other operating systems
      2. Infrastructure
    6. Linux distributions
      1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      2. SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition
      3. UnitedLinux
  6. Chapter 2: IBM and Linux
    1. IBM’s commitment to Linux
      1. The IBM Linux Technology Centers
    2. Linux services and application solutions
      1. IBM Services
      2. IBM Global Services
      3. IBM Support Line
      4. Linux consultancy
    3. IBM services and software
      1. WebSphere
      2. DB2 for Linux
      3. Tivoli
      4. Lotus
    4. Platform services
      1. zSeries services
      2. iSeries services
      3. pSeries services
      4. xSeries services
      5. Consolidated platform matrix
  7. Chapter 3: zSeries and Linux
    1. Introduction
      1. Ways to run Linux on zSeries
      2. S/390 and zSeries architecture
      3. Further information
    2. Background to z/VM
      1. Virtual networking with z/VM
      2. Systems management functions built-in to z/VM
    3. Consolidation and scalability
      1. Scalability
      2. Consolidation
      3. Some examples and further information
    4. Linux application solutions
  8. Chapter 4: IBM TotalStorage and ESS
    1. IBM TotalStorage
      1. Value proposition
    2. IBM TotalStorage Proven™
    3. Enterprise Storage Server
      1. ESS overview
      2. ESS features and benefits
      3. ESS Specialist
  9. Chapter 5: FCP for zSeries with Linux
    1. zSeries and FCP
      1. zSeries specific storage attachments
      2. Distributed storage attachments
      3. zSeries-specific versus distributed storage controllers
    2. Connecting ESS to Linux on zSeries using FCP
      1. Hardware and software requirements
      2. An implementation overview
  10. Chapter 6: ESS Copy Services and Linux
    1. Introduction
    2. Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)
    3. PPRC Extended Distance (PPRC-XD)
    4. FlashCopy
    5. ESS Copy Services Web User Interface
    6. Copy Services command line interface
    7. ESS Copy Services available with Linux on zSeries
  11. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Other publications
    3. Online resources
    4. How to get IBM Redbooks
    5. Help from IBM
  12. Index (1/2)
  13. Index (2/2)
  14. Back cover

Product information

  • Title: Linux with zSeries and ESS: Essentials
  • Author(s): Bertrand Dufrasne, Don Skilton, Jonathan Wright
  • Release date: September 2003
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: None