Vendor Profiles A Resource Guide

Brands have an extraordinary array of solution types and vendors from which to choose for their listening research. In the following pages we organize solutions into the five categories described in Chapter 2, and provide capsule reviews of commercial products and services available today, organized by the marketplace so that you can become familiar with the types of solutions that may be best suited to your listening projects. The five groups are:

  • Search engines
  • Social media monitoring
  • Text analysis
  • Communities
  • Full-service listening platform vendors

We chose vendors that have publicly available products for review. None were paid to be included; the companies we selected were based completely on our criteria. They run the gamut from established firms that were instrumental in launching the listening movement to newer startups whose innovative approaches are influencing the listening market. The space is constantly in motion and fermenting with investor interest. With so many new entrants, it's likely that the listening marketplace will consolidate over the next few years. For this reason, it is vital to carefully evaluate companies you may consider partnering with and make sure that their data is portable.

Search Engines

We group solutions into two categories:

  • General Search Engines
  • Real-Time Search

General Search Engines

AOL Hot Searches

AOL Hot Searches provides a list of the top 10 search terms from the previous ...

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