Chapter 9. Joining the Clojure Community

Before starting the training program, you will need some resources to help you on your way. These resources will not only help you with the training program, but they will help you continue to live and grow with Clojure. They will get you hooked into the Clojure Community.

One of the first questions you might have is where to find online documentation about the Clojure language.

Clojure Documentation

There are some really good online sources of documentation and language reference. Let’s take a quick tour of them.

The first site is, the home of Clojure Documentation. It is community driven and incredibly useful to beginners.


ClojureDocs allows you to look up a Clojure function or macro by name. For example, if you couldn’t remember exactly how to use the comp function, you could type it into the search area in ClojureDocs, as shown in Figure 9-1.

lvcl 0901
Figure 9-1. ClojureDocs search

You can then go to the reference docs for that function. It will give you a description of the function along with the arguments that it takes. There is also a link to the source code. Best of all, there are example usages.

The see also section is also really useful, especially when you are just getting started. It allows you to discover new functions when you want to do something similar to a function you already know. It is ...

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