Part II. Living Clojure Training Program

Welcome to the second part of the book. While Part I of the book was dedicated to getting you up and running with a guided tour of Clojure, this is where you make it your own. We will be focused on a structured training program that is designed to give your brain practice and time to grow and think in this new way.

Learning a new language is not unlike learning how to run. You are getting your brain used to thinking in a new way. Beginning runners often encounter problems because they trying to do too much too fast. While my previous attempts at running failed, I finally had luck with Couch to 5K, an app that provides a gradual training program over a period of weeks. It helped me conquer the problem of trying to take on too much and getting overwhelmed. People try to do too much too fast when learning a new language, too. This Living Clojure Training Program uses the technique of a gradual training plan structured over the course of seven weeks. By the end, you will be comfortable and confident thinking Clojure. Even more important, you will have the tools and resources that will plug you into the community, so that you can grow and live Clojure.

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