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Living Green: The Missing Manual

Book Description

Taking care of the earth is more important than ever, but the problems we're facing can seem overwhelming. Living Green: The Missing Manual helps make earth-friendly decisions more manageable by narrowing them down to a few simple choices. This all-in-one resource is packed with practical advice on ways you can help the environment by making simple changes in your home routine, work habits, and the way you shop and get around town. You don't have to embark on a radical new lifestyle to make a difference. Living Green: The Missing Manual shows you how small changes can have a big impact.

With this book, you will:

  • Learn how to make your home energy efficient and free of toxic chemicals
  • Discover how to reduce waste, repurpose and recycle, and do more with less
  • Build and remodel earth-friendly homes with new techniques and materials
  • Learn tips for buying organic food and what it takes to grow your own
  • Get helpful information on fuel-efficient cars, including hybrid and electric models
  • Make your workplace greener and more cost-effective -- from changes at your desk to suggestions for company-wide policies
  • Explore how to choose renewable energies, such as wind and solar power

The book also provides you with ways to connect with like-minded people and offers a survey of exciting new green technologies. Learn how you can help the planet with Living Green: The Missing Manual.

Table of Contents

  1. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  2. Introduction
    1. Saving the Planet, One Step at a Time
    2. What’s a Carbon Footprint?
    3. About This Book
      1. About the Outline
      2. About MissingManuals.com
      3. Safari® Books Online
  3. I. Living Green Begins at Home
    1. 1. Home Green Home: Creating a Safe, Earth-Friendly Place to Live
      1. The Chemicals You Live With
      2. How Household Chemicals Can Affect Your Health
        1. Disposing of Household Chemicals
      3. Clean and Green: Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
        1. Recipe for an All-Purpose Cleaner
        2. A Green Kitchen Is a Healthy Kitchen
        3. Battling Bathroom Grime the Natural Way
        4. Clean Laundry, Clean Earth
      4. Nontoxic Furnishings
      5. A Greener Lawn
        1. The Trouble with Pesticides
        2. Keep (Chemicals) Off the Grass!
          1. The grass is greener…when it’s the right kind
          2. Go Native
          3. Prepare your lawn for natural care
          4. Get smart about fertilizers
          5. Say goodbye to weeds
        3. Give Your Lawn a Drink
        4. Mowing Tips
    2. 2. Save Energy, Money, and the Earth
      1. How Efficient Is Your Home?
        1. Evaluating Your Home’s Energy Use
          1. Do-it-yourself audit
          2. Professional energy audit
        2. Monitoring Energy Use with a Power Meter
          1. Single-appliance power meters
          2. Whole-house power meter
          3. Calculate power use for free
      2. Should You Downsize?
      3. Heating and Cooling Efficiently
      4. Getting More out of Your Appliances
        1. How Much Energy Does That Gadget Use?
        2. Tips for Using Appliances More Efficiently
        3. Minimizing Your Phantom Load
      5. Water-Saving Strategies
        1. How Much Water Do You Use?
        2. Using Less Water
          1. Bathroom
          2. Kitchen
          3. Laundry room
          4. Outdoors
      6. Let There Be (Compact Fluorescent) Light
        1. Buying CFLs
        2. Getting the Most out of CFLs
        3. CFLs and Mercury
          1. Cleaning up broken CFLs
          2. Disposing of CFLs
    3. 3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
      1. A Trashy Odyssey
        1. Destination: Landfill
        2. Destination: Incinerator
      2. How Low Can You Go? Aiming for Zero Waste
      3. Reducing: Doing More with Less
        1. Clearing Out Clutter
        2. Decreasing Consumption
        3. Rejecting Wasteful Packaging
        4. Ditching Junk Mail
      4. Reusing: Use It Again, Sam
        1. Repurposing: New Uses for Old Stuff
        2. Trash to Treasure: Sell It, Donate It, Give It Away
          1. Sell it
          2. Donate it
          3. Give it away
      5. Recycling: What Goes Around Comes Around
        1. Is Recycling Worth It?
          1. Does recycling actually save energy?
          2. Does recycling really reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
          3. Does recycling save money?
        2. Recycling Basics
          1. Know what to recycle
          2. Set up your system
          3. Sort smart
        3. More Tips for Easy and Effective Recycling
      6. So Hard to Say Goodbye: Special Problems in Recycling
        1. Polystyrene Foam
        2. Tires
        3. Cellphones
        4. E-Waste
        5. Appliances
        6. Cars
    4. 4. Building and Remodeling
      1. LEEDing the Way to Green Buildings
      2. Principles of Green Building Design
        1. Building In Energy Efficiency
        2. Alternative Energy
          1. Going solar
          2. Geothermal heating and cooling
          3. Wind power
          4. Hydro power for homes
          5. Burning biomass
        3. Conserving Water
        4. Green Building Materials
          1. Lumber and framing
          2. Insulation
          3. Walls
          4. Floors
          5. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
          6. Roofing
          7. Paint
          8. Siding
      3. Special Problems in Remodeling
        1. Asbestos
        2. Lead Paint
        3. Mold
        4. Radon
        5. Sick Building Syndrome
      4. Finding a Builder
      5. Financing Green Construction
        1. Green Mortgage Options
        2. Grants, Rebates, and Tax Credits
  4. II. Greening Your Lifestyle
    1. 5. Raising a Green Family
      1. Babies
        1. Furnishing the Nursery
        2. The Diaper Dilemma
          1. Disposable diapers
          2. Biodegradable diapers
          3. Cloth diapers
        3. Feeding Your Baby
        4. Keeping Baby Clean and Protected
        5. Other Baby Supplies
          1. Car seats
          2. Clothing
          3. Toys
          4. Diaper and baby bags
      2. Kids
        1. Teaching Respect for the Earth
        2. Go Play Outside!
      3. Teens
      4. Pets
    2. 6. Eating Green: It’s Not Just Spinach Anymore
      1. What’s in That Cheeseburger?
        1. Factory Farming
          1. Concern #1: Factory farms are too big.
          2. Concern #2: Factory farms are cruel.
          3. Concern #3: Factory farms misuse hormones and antibiotics.
          4. Concern #4: Factory farms cause disease.
          5. Concern #5: Factory-farmed food is less nutritious.
          6. Concern #6: Factory farms drive family farms out of business.
          7. Concern #7: Factory farms make bad neighbors.
          8. Concern #8: Factory farms cause pollution.
        2. The Meat Industry’s Environmental Hoofprint
      2. Genetically Modified Foods
      3. Go Organic
        1. What Does “Organic” Really Mean?
        2. Why Organic Is Better for the Earth
        3. Why Organic Is Better for You
          1. Grass-fed beef
          2. Pesticide-free foods
        4. Finding Organic Products
      4. How Green Does Your Garden Grow?
        1. The Joy of Composting
          1. Getting started with compost
          2. Composting tips and tricks
        2. Natural Pest Control
          1. Neem oil
          2. Floral insecticides
          3. Insecticidal soap
          4. Pyrethrin powder
          5. Sabadilla powder
          6. Insect barriers and traps
          7. Manual removal
          8. Bacillus thuringiensis
          9. Insect predators
        3. For City Dwellers: Community Gardens and Other Ways to Grow Your Own Food
          1. Container gardens
          2. Rooftop gardens
          3. Community gardens
      5. Can I Ever Eat Out Again?
    3. 7. Responsible Shopping
      1. Think Globally, Buy Locally
      2. Buy Recycled
      3. Giving Fair Trade a Fair Shake
        1. What Is Fair Trade?
        2. Criticisms of the Fair Trade Movement
      4. Compassion in Fashion
      5. Green Health and Beauty Products
        1. Do-It-Yourself Health and Beauty
      6. Environmentally Friendly Gifts
      7. Finding Companies That Get It
    4. 8. Going Green: Transportation and Travel
      1. Getting Around Without a Car
        1. Take Public Transportation
        2. Put on Your Walking Shoes
        3. Ride a Bike
      2. Driving Smarter
      3. Green Cars in Every Color
        1. Fuel-Efficient Cars
        2. Hybrids
        3. Diesel Engines
        4. Veggie Power!
          1. Biodiesel
          2. Straight vegetable oil (SVO)
      4. Long-Distance Travel
        1. Before You Go
        2. Getting There (and Back)
        3. During Your Stay
      5. Ecotourism
  5. III. A Greener World
    1. 9. Green Business Is Good Business
      1. Greening the Workplace
        1. Telecommuting
        2. Reducing Office Waste
        3. Staying Healthy on the Job
      2. Greener Business Travel
      3. Buying Carbon Offsets
      4. Corporate Giving
    2. 10. Alternative and Renewable Energy
      1. Why We Need New Energy Sources
      2. Wind Energy
        1. Advantages
        2. Disadvantages and Concerns
      3. Solar Energy
        1. Advantages
        2. Disadvantages
      4. Water Power
        1. Advantages
        2. Disadvantages
      5. Geothermal Plants
        1. Advantages
        2. Disadvantages
      6. Bioenergy
        1. Advantages
        2. Disadvantages
      7. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    3. 11. Getting Involved
      1. Activism Begins with You
        1. Your Local Community
        2. Online Communities
        3. National and International Organizations
      2. Environmentally Responsible Investing
  6. Index
  7. About the Author
  8. Copyright