Appendix . Notes

Chapter 1


Surowiecki, James (1998) ‘Dark days at Sunbeam’, The Motley Fool, posted Friday April 17 at 12:30am ET,


I am indebted to Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald who coined this term.


CFROI = [(Cash flow from operations / capital – capital charge], generally expressed as a percentage. CFROI percentage spread correlates positively with share price and market capitalization.


The business units that comprised Goodman Fielder at the time were: Ingredients, Meadow Lea Foods, Milling & Baking, Steggles and Uncle Tobys.


Kirby, Julia (2003) ‘Supply chain challenges: building relationships’, a conversation with Scott Beth, David N. Burt, William Copacino, Chris Gopal, Hau L. Lee, Robert Porter Lynch and ...

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