Chapter 6



This chapter introduces the following chapters, which will explain the different network protocols of the Internet. It explains the network organization and the different organizations that manage and standardize the Internet network. Level 3 protocols (IP and its associated protocols) are described in the next chapter.

6.1. The Internet players

Before giving a deep explanation of the Internet protocols, it is very interesting to describe the process of conception. Unlike other standardization organizations or forums grouping constructors, the Internet operates in a relatively open manner. The protocol standardization and network operation work is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Several organizations work together (see Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. Internet organization chart


6.1.1. The Internet Society


The Internet Society or ISOC is a non-profit knowledge organization. It was created to support, by different means, the development and evolution of the Internet network worldwide. It organizes conferences and training action and helps developing countries to deploy the network.

ISOC is also used for legal protection by the other associations.

6.1.2. The IAB ...

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