3GPP2 C.S0022-0-1. (2001). Position Determination Service Standard for Dual Mode Spread Spectrum Systems — Addendum.

3GPP2 N.S0030. Enhanced Wireless 9–1–1 Phase 2.

3GPP TS 03.71. Location Services (LCS); Functional Description — Stage 2.

3GPP TS 22.071. Location Services (LCS); Service description; Stage 1.

3GPP TS 22.228. Service Requirements for the IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (Stage 1).

3GPP TS 23.002. Network Architecture.

3GPP TS 23.041. Technical Realization of Cell Broadcast Service (CBS).

3GPP TS 23.060. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); Service Description; Stage 2.

3GPP TS 23.271. Functional Stage 2 Description of LCS.

3GPP TS 25.215. Physical Layer — Measurements (FDD).

3GPP TS 25.225. Physical Layer — Measurements (TDD).

3GPP TS 25.305. Stage 2 Functional Specification of User Equipment (UE) Positioning in UTRAN.

3GPP TS 25.331. Radio Resource Control (RRC) Protocol Specification.

3GPP TS 25.413. UTRAN Iu Interface RANAP Signalling.

3GPP TS 25.423. UTRAN Iur Interface RNSAP Signalling.

3GPP TS 25.430. UTRAN Iub Interface; General Aspects and Principles.

3GPP TS 25.453. UTRAN Iupc Interface PCAP Signaling.

3GPP TR 25.850. UE Positioning in UTRAN Iub/Iur Protocol Aspects.

3GPP TS 29.002. Mobile Application Part (MAP) Specification.

3GPP TS 29.060. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS; GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) Across the Gn and Gp Interface.

3GPP TS 43.059. Functional Stage 2 Description of Location Services (LCS) in GERAN.

3GPP TS 44.031. Mobile Station (MS) - ...

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