Chapter 21

Ten Ways to Use an iPad with Logic Pro


Bullet Playing and recording software instruments

Bullet Editing and mixing with your iPad

Bullet Navigating and commanding Logic Pro

Bullet Writing songs on your iPad

Logic Remote is a free app for iOS devices running iOS 11 or higher. With Logic Remote, you can remotely control three Apple music apps on your Mac: Logic Pro, GarageBand, and MainStage. You connect Logic Remote to your music app with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Download Logic Remote at

When you open Logic Remote, it attempts to connect to the software running on your Mac, so you must have Logic Pro, GarageBand, or MainStage running. Otherwise, Logic Remote will shut down. If you have more than one of these applications running, you’re asked to choose the application you want to control. After you’re connected, you can control the application using your iPad or iPhone.

In this chapter, you learn how to use your iOS device to play software instruments, edit your tracks, mix your project, and write songs.

Playing Keys

The first thing you should ...

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