Chapter 1

Getting Logic Pro Up and Sprinting


check Understanding the benefits of creating with Logic Pro

check Getting into the Logic Pro mindset

check Developing a productive workflow

check Setting up your Logic Pro studio

The joke used to be that Logic Pro wasn’t logical. I would argue that it was logical but not intuitive. Nowadays, you can’t make that joke without dating yourself. Apple, which is known for making the complicated simple, bought Logic Pro from Emagic in 2002 and continues to make the product better and better.

You’ll find that creating music with Logic Pro can be a straightforward and rewarding experience. One caveat: As you explore Logic Pro, remember your desired outcome. With so many bright and shiny objects in this deep and powerful app, getting distracted is easy. But if you keep your musical and learning goals in mind, you’ll discover why Logic Pro is responsible for so many Billboard hits.

Take command. Logic Pro listens.

In this chapter, you discover why Logic Pro users are proud, productive, and ready to play. You’ll understand how to plan your creations, get ...

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