Chapter 2

Examining Logic Pro Projects


check Starting and finishing projects

check Discovering some timesaving workflow tips

check Backing up and securing your projects

check Sharing your projects for collaboration

Logic Pro projects are similar to any computer file types, except they’re larger in scope than files such as text documents. You might be shocked to see an entire chapter about a file type, but there’s so much more you can do with Logic Pro projects than you can with other file types. You’ll soon understand how important they are to the creative process.

Projects are flexible. When disk space is a concern, for example, you can save only the assets you want to keep. You can create project templates to speed up your workflow and set up Logic Pro exactly how you want to work. Each project contains global settings of the entire project as well as different snapshots of the project, such as different arrangements, mixes, or treatments. For example, you can create an alternate version of your project if the producer calls for a version without a vocal (for when the performer needs ...

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