Chapter 3

Exploring the Main Window and Tracks Area


check Navigating the windows

check Playing and controlling the project

check Exploring the tools and controls

check Saving time and speeding up your workflow

Logic Pro X has a simple single-window design that helps you be more productive and puts everything you need only a click away. You can do most of what you need to do right in the main window. But you can also open windows separately and push windows to different displays. The program is as flexible as it is simple.

In this chapter, you discover how to navigate the Logic Pro interface. You also learn some timesaving tricks and smart ways to use key commands to accomplish the bulk of your work. Navigating Logic Pro X with speed and purpose will put your music out in the world and build your project catalog. You’ll be zipping around Logic Pro in no time.

Navigating Logic Pro

To get the most out of Logic Pro X, you should know the name and purpose of each area of the main window. Plus, if you ever need to contact the folks in product support, you'll be able to communicate the problem ...

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