Chapter 5

Introduction to Digital Audio and MIDI


check Understanding the fundamentals of digital audio

check Getting high-quality audio from Logic Pro

check Setting up audio and MIDI preferences

check Connecting your audio and MIDI hardware

Even though Logic Pro does a great job of giving you exactly what you need, understanding the basics of digital audio and MIDI are still important for making high-quality recordings. One of the first steps you take with a project is defining your project’s audio settings. These settings can have a big effect on the sound quality of your recordings. Your project’s audio settings can also affect compatibility with your hardware and other audio systems.

In this chapter, you find out how to set up Logic Pro to get the best sound quality. You discover how to connect your audio and MIDI devices and avoid common pitfalls. You also choose the recording audio file type that’s right for the job

Understanding Digital Audio

So what’s the big difference between digital and analog audio anyway? In analog recording, a representation (an analog) of the sound source ...

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