Chapter 8

Adding Media to Your Project


check Importing audio and MIDI into your project

check Using Apple loops

check Navigating the Logic Pro browsers

check Importing video to your project

What if you don’t play an instrument or sing? Are you destined to stare at an empty project? No way. Apple loops and prerecorded media come to the rescue.

Logic Pro X comes with an enormous amount of media that you can add to your project. You can build an entire song with nothing but this media. In this chapter, you learn how to use Apple loops, import audio and video files, and much more.

Adding Apple Loops to Your Project

Apple loops are audio and MIDI files that contain additional metadata, such as the key signature, time signature, and tempo. Logic Pro reads this metadata and adjusts the Apple loop to your project settings. For example, if you take an Apple loop in the key of G at 120 beats per minute and put it into a project in the key of E at 100 beats per minute, the Apple loop will automatically adjust to the project tempo and key. Apple loops are flexible. They do a lot of yoga when you’re ...

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