Chapter 11

Sound Design with Synths and Samplers


check Playing the Logic Pro synths

check Understanding synthesis fundamentals

check Getting classic synth sounds

check Modeling acoustic instruments

Synthesizers are crucial to popular music, and Logic Pro gives you enough synth power to consider selling every keyboard you own. If you don’t own any keyboards, you might have just saved thousands of dollars by buying Logic Pro. You now own several instruments modeled after classic synths as well as some innovative sound design tools that will enable you to create sounds you’ve never even imagined. And some of the fun things you’ll discover about playing with synthesizers are all the happy accidents you encounter along the way.

In this chapter, you discover how to emulate classic synths, create sampler instruments, and model acoustic sounds as well as sounds that would be hard to create in the analog world. You’ll also learn basic synthesis fundamentals to help you navigate these synths and design your own sounds.

Exploring the Logic Pro Synths

With Logic Pro X, you get a whole bunch of instruments ...

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