Chapter 13

Arranging Your Music


check Arranging tracks and regions in the tracks area

check Making global changes to your arrangement

check Arranging techniques to create interest

check Creating groove templates to enhance timing

When you arrange music, you’re organizing instruments and parts until they sound and feel good and capture your listener’s attention. Logic Pro gives you a structured and flexible environment to make your arranging skills develop and blossom. You get instant feedback on your changes and tools to make improvements quickly. With Logic Pro as your arranging partner, you’ll find that it does most of the work, leaving you to enjoy the results.

In this chapter, you discover how to make your grooves feel better and tighter. You learn how to systematically build an arrangement that will keep your listeners interested. And you find efficient ways to enhance your arrangement and create parts that stick.

Working in the Tracks Area

After all your tracks are recorded, it’s time to arrange them. You’ll do most of your arranging work with regions in the tracks area, deciding ...

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