Chapter 14

Editing Audio Tracks


check Getting to know the audio editors

check Creating composite takes

check Fixing pitch and audio timing

check Repairing audio glitches

Imagine you’re back in the time before personal computers and you want to edit audio. You would have to use a razor blade on tape — with no undo command. The process wouldn’t be creative or quick, and you wouldn’t edit analog audio just to experiment.

Fast-forward to the present. Music is in high demand in this high-speed world. You don’t have the luxury of taking months to finish a project — your Internet fans want it yesterday. Logic Pro X makes editing audio so simple and powerful that you can meet the demands of your fans and clients without breaking a sweat — or cutting your fingers on a razor blade.

In this chapter, you discover how to create the perfect take with Logic Pro’s quick swipe comping. You find out how to get the timing of your parts just right and tune up the pitch. And you learn how to get the best sound out of your audio and even create sounds that you didn’t record in the first place.

Knowing Your ...

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