Chapter 10

Loglinear Analysis of Contingency Tables

10.1   Introduction

10.2   A Loglinear Model for a 2 × 2 Table

10.3   Loglinear Models for a Four-Way Table

10.4   Fitting the Adjacent Categories Model as a Loglinear Model

10.5   Loglinear Models for Square, Ordered Tables

10.6   Marginal Tables

10.7   The Problem of Zeros

10.8   GENMOD versus CATMOD


10.1 Introduction

In Chapter 4, we saw how to analyze contingency tables that included a dichotomous variable treated as dependent on the other variables. The strategy was to directly estimate a logit model in PROC LOGISTIC. We extended that approach in Chapter 5 to handle dependent variables with more than two categories by estimating a multinomial logit model with PROC LOGISTIC. In this ...

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