Annexure C

Multiple Choice Questions

Quiz 1

  1. The ownership of inventory in the VMI (vendor-managed inventory) system lies with___.
    1. supplier
    2. purchaser
    3. logistics service provider
    4. insurance firm
  2. Supply chain mapping means the study of___.
    1. logistics network
    2. activities sequence
    3. value and non-value-added activities
    4. cost reduction areas
    5. all the above
  3. A good material-handling system will enhance the___in logistics.
    1. productivity potential
    2. efficiency
    3. delivery reliability
    4. speed to market
  4. Components of the logistics mix are warehousing, transportation, packaging, inventor controls and___.
    1. material handling
    2. information flow
    3. strategic logistics
    4. reverse logistics
  5. A material-handling system is selected on the basis of volumes to be handled, speed ...

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