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While at a recent conference in Moscow, I was drawn into a private
conversation with an amazing brain trust of the world’s top-tier
brand strategists. It was a group dominated by planners and
implementers, but shy on designers. With no clients within ear-
shot, discussion centered on the inability of customers to main-
tain brand focus over the long term. Plans and strategies shift,
brand managers move, ownership and products change—all make
building consistency as easy as pushing a rope. “Where is the
constant?” one professional asked.
Corporations go through the same changes that occur in countries
around the world. Occasionally, there’s a new leader with new
policies, or political parties change, or new laws are created. But
unless there’s a full-scale revolution, the fl ag of the country pretty
much stays the same. The constant is the logo.
Logo designers are the fl ag designers of the corporate world.
When a brand stands ready to send a message to its public, you
can be assured that it will be delivered with the corporate colors
ying overhead.
Welcome to a book full of some pretty amazing fl ags. The design-
ers who created the 2,000 logos in this book have a good grip
on the process of boiling a concept down to its essence. They
have created logos that brand loyalists and converts alike feel
good about saluting. And as diverse as the content is, each mark
speaks to its population because the designer is able to evoke
an emotion or establish a mood without being overt or trite. The
designer understands how to create an eloquent visual voice that
is singular to the client.
Every branding or rebranding project has its own unique story that
can only be comprehended by pulling back the sanitary public
curtain and peering into the process. Journey here into the stories
behind the story with case studies of the world’s largest retailer,
Walmart, or Australia’s largest grocer, Woolworths. Explore devel-
opment of the icon language for Apple’s iPhone and the moving
visual identity of telecommunication giant Swisscom. Read the
story icons created for a Croatian Fairy Tale Festival, or fl ip for-
ward to a new identity for the world’s largest library, the Library
of Congress.
Crossing broad cultures, the logos in this book were selected
from more than 33,000 submissions from designers in over 100
countries around the world. An international panel of eight brand
experts meticulously scrutinized and ranked these submissions to
sift down to this amazing collection. Each winning logo was cat-
egorized in this book to create a logical and seamless resource.
Your ability to effi ciently sort through thousands of logos is a
hallmark of The site contains more than
100,000 logos to date, contributed by thousands of international
members. These members represent the brightest designers from
the largest of top-tier fi rms to the smallest shops in nearly every
country on Earth.
It’s never been easier for clients and designers to make connec-
tions than through this book or through The site
allows any member to quickly search an immense database for
reference, inspiration, or contacts. Finding relevant content is as
easy as entering a simple keyword, industry, style, client, designer,
design fi rm, date range, or other term.
New features make visual searching even quicker and more intui-
tive, and lightboxes allow the user to easily sort and organize
content for convenient access. Every membership also allows the
user to upload his or her own work to be considered for inclusion
in the next volume of the LogoLounge book series.
Sample a bit of the site for free by logging into www.logolounge.
com/book5, where you can search through the logos from this
book using the same tools our full members use to peruse the
world’s largest searchable collection of logos. Learn more about
the 2,000 fl ags that are fl ying higher than any other today.
—Bill Gardner
Provision(RP)-LogoLounge 5
CD209-12/3184 1st proof
LL5 001-007.1_.indd 7LL5 001-007.1_.indd 7 2/3/09 5:12:17 PM2/3/09 5:12:17 PM

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