The ChefBurger fi ts the bill. He has endless personalities. His face
can be changed to suggest spicy, tangy, or just about any fl avor.
It can also suggest actual ingredients, such as bacon or veggies.
He can have a body or not; he can be used with the word mark
or alone; with a blue plaid background (chosen for its picnic/
tablecloth implications) or on a solid color, white, or kraft paper
bag background.
“We have created an iconic library for the brand. It provides visu-
als to draw upon to keep the brand fresh but controlled,” says
Design Ranch principal Michelle Sonderegger.
Originally, the client was leaning toward an all-type solution, to
suggest that the restaurant is a bit more upscale. “But we felt he
was missing an opportunity to create a recognizable and ownable
brand—the icon needed to be there,” she adds.
The word mark portion and the color of the identity further differ-
entiate the business from other homogenized burger joints. “Many
burger restaurants use red and yellow; we chose baby blue, which
is much more modern. We also have a lot more metal, stainless,
and light wood used in the fi nish and build out,” adds Carpenter.
When a casual restaurant offers fare as interesting as falafel burg-
ers, fried green beans, and spiked milkshakes, a diner knows right
away that he or she is in for a completely different experience.
Chef and entrepreneur Rob Dalzell dreamed up ChefBurger and
its unique menu and hired Design Ranch to create an all-encom-
passing brand identity system that would perfectly match the food
in terms of fl avor and fun. Collaborating with McHenry Shaffer
Architecture, the new identity is everywhere, from napkins, bags,
and tabletops, to t-shirts, signage, and even the tissue paper that
wraps each burger.
Located in Kansas City’s Power and Light District, ChefBurger
follows Dalzell’s other restaurants in offering fabulous food, fresh
ingredients, and great service, says principal Ingred Sidie. Custom-
ers can mix and match toppings and burgers endlessly, according
to their specifi c tastes. “ChefBurger redefi nes the typical ham-
burger by offering unique and gourmet toppings in addition to
simple signature items in a fun, casual environment,” she says.
At the center of the new identity is the ChefBurger himself, a
quirky icon infl uenced by urban culture and grown directly out of
the restaurant’s word mark. The designers explored other design
directions as possibilities for the new identity, including an actual
chef and a chef/bull, but these felt fi nite in concept. “We wanted
an identity that was unexpected and original, one that uniquely
conveyed customization,” says senior designer Tad Carpenter.
Identity Design
Design Ranch, Kansas City, Missouri
Design Ranch had the unique
opportunity to create an all-
encompassing brand identity for
a new, upscale, fast-food restau-
rant called ChefBurger. From the
store’s architecture and interior to
its food packaging and business
stationery system, everything is
tied together.
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