2b1a 88-3c, 118-4b, 120-3a, 168-3d
AdamsMorioka, Inc. 80-4a, 82-3c,
82-4b, 90-2c, 92-5d, 93-3c, 93-5d,
175-1c, 177-3c, 179-1c
Addis 85-4c, 88-3a, 88-3d, 89-1b, 90-
3a, 106-1a, 119-5b, 138-1d, 146-3d,
149-2d, 161-3c, 161-4b, 163-5a
After Hours Creative 71-1a, 82-1c,
82-3d, 144-1d, 147-5c, 152-3a, 169-5b
Angryporcupine 76-3d, 81-2a, 87-4a,
95-5d, 101-4c, 111-2d
Art Chantry 78-4d, 86-1a, 90-2b, 90-
5d, 91-1b, 92-2b, 92-3a, 93-1a, 93-1b,
95-2c, 95-4a, 95-4b, 95-4c, 96-3a, 97-
3a, 97-3b, 97-3d, 99-3a, 99-3c, 100-
1b, 103-5d, 110-4c, 111-4b, 111-5a,
113-4b, 123-1a, 127-3b, 129-5d, 130-
3c, 140-2c, 143-1a, 144-1a, 156-2c,
164-4d, 169-1c, 170-2b, 170-3b, 170-
4a, 171-2d, 171-3a, 172-4c, 176-4b,
180-1d, 180-3a, 180-3b
Artimana 85-4a, 87-5d, 90-1c, 101-
5c, 114-5d, 138-4b, 140-4c
Artomat Design 117-4c, 135-3c
Associated Advertising Agency, Inc.
114-4c, 127-5b, 135-5c, 136-2a,
Balance 70-2b, 75-3d, 78-5a, 92-5c,
96-3d, 131-2a, 135-2a, 146-2c, 146-
4c, 151-1c, 152-2b, 176-2d
BBK Studio 75-5a, 77-3b, 88-1b,
Be Design 98-3a, 98-3b, 100-3a,
111-1c, 117-4a, 122-2d, 137-4a, 140-
5a, 147-1b, 149-4d, 154-3a, 154-5a,
157-2a, 160-5a, 165-1d, 168-3c
Bel Bare 97-1d, 139-3a
Beth Singer Design 73-2d, 89-1d,
109-4d, 162-5d, 164-3d
Bird Design 93-2d, 110-1b, 118-2d,
135-1a, 142-2b, 150-5c, 178-2c
Blue Beetle Design 71-2a, 77-2c, 80-
1b, 81-4a, 86-5b, 114-1d, 132-2c,
150-4d, 157-4d, 160-2a, 160-2d, 161-
2c, 161-5b
atford Associates 162-2d,
BrandEquity 74-4d, 89-2a, 91-4b,
92-5b, 110-3c, 113-3a, 134-5a, 150-
2c, 153-3d, 164-3a
Braue; Branding and Corporate
Design 72-5c, 79-2d, 81-1a, 87-4c,
93-1c, 95-2d, 100-2c, 101-1c, 111-2b,
119-4d, 120-5a, 120-5b, 123-1c, 125-
5b, 134-2d, 162-3a, 168-1b, 175-4b
Brian Sooy & Co. 87-3b, 90-4c, 110-
3a, 125-1b, 127-2c, 130-5c, 154-1a,
Bright Strategic Design 82-2c, 90-
3d, 117-3b, 118-1b, 145-3b, 149-5a,
Bumba Design 73-4d, 97-1c, 130-5b
Buz Design Group 71-3d, 153-1a,
Cato Purnell Partners 74-2b, 80-1c,
80-5d, 81-2d, 82-5b, 83-1b, 83-1c, 91-
3c, 92-3d, 97-1a, 106-2a, 112-4a, 113-
1c, 114-2d, 114-3a, 114-3b, 114-3c,
114-3d, 122-2c, 123-4a, 125-3a, 134-
1c, 142-1c, 149-3d, 153-5a, 154-2a,
154-2d, 154-5d, 158-1a, 158-2b, 158-
4a, 159-3d, 159-5b, 160-1d, 160-4c,
161-3d, 161-5d, 163-5d, 164-1b, 164-
1c, 164-2a, 171-3d, 173-2b, 180-4d,
Chase Design Group 71-4d, 76-2a,
77-2b, 80-3d, 81-5c, 83-2a, 83-4d, 85-
2a, 85-4b, 85-5b, 85-5d, 86-1c, 86-4c,
87-4d, 90-5a, 93-2c, 93-4c, 95-1c, 95-
3b, 95-5c, 96-1c, 96-4a, 98-2a, 98-2b,
98-2c, 98-2d, 98-3c, 98-3d, 98-4b, 98-
4c, 98-4d, 98-5a, 98-5b, 98-5c, 98-5d,
99-1a, 99-1b, 99-1c, 99-1d, 99-2a, 99-
2b, 99-2c, 99-5a, 99-5b, 99-5c, 101-
1a, 101-1b, 101-1d, 101-2b, 101-2c,
101-2d, 101-4b, 103-1d, 103-2b, 103-
2d, 103-4d, 103-5a, 103-5c, 104-1b,
104-2d, 107-1c, 109-4a, 111-3d, 113-
3b, 114-4a, 116-5c, 117-1a, 117-1d,
123-2d, 123-3c, 123-3d, 127-2a, 129-
3c, 129-5c, 130-2b, 130-2d, 130-3d,
131-1a, 131-2b, 131-4b, 134-3c, 136-
2b, 136-3c, 139-4b, 140-3b, 140-5c,
143-2b, 143-4a, 144-2c, 145-4b, 147-
2d, 147-4b, 160-4a, 160-5d, 161-1c,
161-5a, 164-2c, 164-4b, 164-5a, 167-
4a, 168-2a, 173-3a, 176-5a
Chermayeff & Geismar, Inc. 71-3c,
72-2b, 72-5b, 73-1d, 73-2a, 73-3d, 74-
1a, 74-5a, 75-1a, 75-1b, 76-1c, 76-2d,
76-3a, 77-4d, 77-5c, 78-1d, 78-2a, 79-
2b, 79-4b, 79-5c, 80-3a, 81-5d, 82-4c,
83-1a, 83-3d, 85-3b, 85-3c, 86-1b, 86-
2c, 86-5d, 87-2b, 87-2c, 87-2d, 87-5a,
88-2b, 88-3b, 88-4a, 88-4c, 88-5a, 88-
5d, 91-3d, 91-4c, 92-1b, 92-2c, 96-1a,
96-2c, 96-4d, 97-4a, 109-2a, 109-4b,
114-4d, 114-5a, 117-5d, 118-1c, 127-
2b, 131-5d, 134-4b, 135-4a, 135-4b,
136-3b, 137-3d, 137-4c, 137-5a, 138-
2a, 139-1d, 139-2b, 140-4a, 145-1a,
150-5b, 151-1a, 151-3b, 153-3b, 153-
4a, 154-4b, 154-4c, 156-5a, 157-1a,
157-5d, 159-5d, 160-1a, 162-2b, 162-
5b, 163-1a, 165-1b, 169-2b, 175-4d,
177-3d, 177-4a, 181-1d
Cincodemayo 99-2d, 100-4b, 123-
1b, 136-2d, 137-1a, 157-1d, 157-2c,
157-3a, 168-2b, 168-3b, 179-3c
Corporate Image Consultants, Inc.
158-5d, 165-5c, 178-4c
CRE8 Communicat
ions, Inc. 70-3d,
72-3d, 81-4d, 92-3b, 92-5a, 97-2d,
100-4c, 105-2c, 106-1b, 111-3b, 135-
5b, 139-4a, 152-4d, 179-2c
Cronan Group 88-5b, 113-2a, 156-
4d, 158-1b, 158-3a, 165-2c
Dan Stiles Design 122-4c, 127-1c,
Dennis Purcell Design 77-1d, 93-4a,
Design and Image 72-1d, 72-5d, 74-
5c, 75-5b, 79-5a, 80-2a, 81-5b, 83-5c,
88-1c, 100-5b, 110-1a, 113-1d, 114-
2b, 117-3c, 119-3a, 134-5c, 150-4a,
153-3c, 154-3c, 154-3d, 157-3b, 157-
3d, 157-5c, 159-1a, 159-2c, 161-3a,
164-3b, 168-4d, 168-5b, 173-5d, 175-
2a, 177-2a, 177-3b, 177-5a, 177-5b,
Design Machine 73-2c, 75-4d, 76-
1a, 96-2d, 113-1a, 160-4b, 171-3b
Design One 80-5c, 86-1d, 91-5a,
127-1d, 169-5c, 171-2b, 177-5c
Device 92-4a, 95-2a, 95-4d, 95-5a,
95-5b, 96-3b, 97-2a, 97-2b, 97-3c,
100-1c, 123-2b, 123-4b, 123-5c, 123-
5d, 131-3b, 131-3c, 131-4a, 134-3a,
147-2a, 154-2b, 158-4b, 163-1c, 163-
4b, 179-1d
DK Design 82-1a, 140-5d, 177-4d
Dogstar 109-5d, 118-5c, 120-4b,
121-2b, 122-2a, 127-4b, 134-5d, 135-
1c, 136-3d, 139-1a, 139-1b, 142-1d,
142-4a, 142-4c, 142-5b, 142-5d, 143-
1c, 143-2a, 144-2d, 152-4c, 153-1c,
173-1b, 173-1d, 178-5b, 181-1b
Dotzero Design 73-3a, 79-1b, 79-4d,
79-5b, 80-4b, 80-4c, 92-4c, 92-4d,
109-4c, 110-5a, 111-1a, 113-5c, 126-
5a, 127-1a, 127-1b, 135-5d, 136-4a,
149-2a, 154-4d, 157-2d, 162-4b, 165-
3b, 165-4b, 172-4a, 176-5d, 179-5d
Eisenberg and Associates 71-5c,
77-1c, 78-5d, 86-3d, 100-4a, 138-3b,
142-2a, 147-4a, 157-2b, 172-3a
Elixir Design 78-2d, 107-5d, 149-5c,
Enterprise IG 86-5c, 119-5a, 160-2b,
161-3b, 165-5a, 175-4a
Essex Two Inc. 85-5a, 89-2b, 112-
4b, 130-5d, 145-1b, 171-1d, 176-2b,
Evenson Design Group 79-1a, 81-
4c, 105-1c, 112-4d, 118-3c, 118-5d,
120-2d, 126-2b, 130-5a, 137-5c, 142-
4b, 143-5b, 149-5b, 153-2b, 154-2c,
165-4a, 168-1d, 168-4a, 181-5a
71-2c, 83-5a,
106-4d, 109-5c, 110-2a, 110-2c, 110-
2d, 118-4a, 118-5b, 119-3b, 123-5a,
124-3c, 124-3d, 124-4b, 124-5a, 125-
1c, 125-1d, 125-2a, 125-3c, 125-3d,
125-4a, 125-4b, 125-4c, 125-4d, 126-
2a, 126-3c, 127-3c, 127-4a, 127-5d,
132-5a, 132-5b, 132-5c, 134-1d, 135-
2c, 138-1c, 149-3b, 163-2b, 168-5a,
169-1b, 169-1d, 169-2a, 169-4a, 169-
4d, 170-3c, 173-2a, 173-4a, 175-2d,
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