_ALL_ keyword, PUT statement 2

ALL keyword, TABULATE procedure 138

ampersand (&) informat modifier 154

ANOVA procedure 79


See clinical database operations

See daily weather and ozone database operations

ARRAY statement

creating multiple observations from single observation 68-69, 71

multidimensional arrays 74-76

arrays for restructuring data sets 65-79

creating multiple observations from single observation 68-74

creating single observation from multiple observations 74-79

DIAGNOSE data set 66-67

MANYPER data set 70-71

multidimensional arrays 72-77

ONEPER data set 69-70

separating dimensions with commas 73

asterisk (*), for selecting all variables in SELECT clause 60, 108

at (@) sign, trailing double 2

AUTONAME option 40-41, ...

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