• IAC in any case

  • ICLW\YLuv I can’t live without your love

  • IDK I don’t know

  • IDntDsrveU I don’t deserve you

  • IGotUBbe I got you babe

  • IIRC if I recall correctly

  • IJC2SalLuvU I just called to say I love you

  • ILU I love you

  • ILUVU I love you

  • IMBLuv it must be love

  • IMHO in my humble opinion

  • IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion

  • ImRdy4Luv I’m ready for love

  • ImT14U I’m the one for you

  • IOW in other words

  • IOWAN2BWU I only want to be with you

  • IPN I’m posting naked

  • IWALU I will always love you

  • IYKWIM If you know what I mean

  • IYSS if you say so

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