454 Lotus Instant Messaging/Web Conferencing (Sametime): Building Sametime-Enabled Applications
users on the system was not shown, either in terms of the number of IM sessions
or the amount of traffic within those sessions. It would have been possible to
show on the graph (perhaps by the thickness of the lines) the number of sessions
between two users, but to encourage people to use the system, this data was not
Any future development of VS will have to seriously consider privacy implications
so that people will be willing to use the system.
Future improvements
򐂰 Adapting the VS server to use the Intelligent Miner Modelling 8.1 for data
aggregation (rather than custom aggregation algorithm)
򐂰 Securing functionality to prevent data spoofing
򐂰 Setting up a temporal element to show IM traffic between specific times
򐂰 Automatic social network analysis
򐂰 Increased privacy protection
Lessons learned
Although VS is intended as a proof of concept system, a number of lessons were
learned regarding the building of Sametime-enabled applications.
1. Users do not expect to lose any functionality that exists in the
Sametime-based client they are currently using. Even in situations where the
additional features far outweighed any loss, users still demanded all the
functionality of their existing system.
2. Applications using Sametime functionality are likely to be left running on the
user’s desktop permanently and, therefore, need to be as lightweight as
possible. The resources used by the VS client has posed a problem to some
users. The overhead was mainly caused by the association graphing
3. Privacy is a big issue for people using custom Sametime applications and
needs to be thought of while designing any Sametime-based application.
4. Careful use of threading needs to be used in applications built with Sametime
components in. It is important that the surrounding application does not hold
up the Sametime elements, as delays can be annoying to users.

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