464 Lotus Instant Messaging/Web Conferencing (Sametime): Building Sametime-Enabled Applications
Figure B-8 Agent States
򐂰 Ready: The agent applet is ready to respond to chat requests.
򐂰 Accepting Chat: The agent is in the process of accepting a chat (see
“Customer/Agent handshake” on page 464). From this state, the agent
transitions to chatting if the customer accepts the chat or back to ready if the
customer applet rejects the chat.
򐂰 Chatting: The agent is currently chatting with a customer. Once the chat
finishes, the customer transitions back to the ready state. In this state, the
agent sets the CUSTOMER_NAME and COMPANY attributes so this
information displays on the other agent monitoring screens.
Customer/Agent handshake
The customer appears on all the agent screens. There is a possibility that more
than one agent could choose to respond. We must ensure that only one
establishes a link. We do this through a handshake between the customer and
agent. The customer applet accepts one and only one connection. This is
illustrated in Figure B-9 on page 465.

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