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Chapter 3. Sametime Bots
This chapter discusses the concept of Sametime Bots, what they are, and how to
build them.
We start with a general discussion of what a bot is, before continuing to talk
about what makes a Sametime Bot special.
We discuss the various ways that you can build a Sametime Bot using the
available toolkits. We examine, in detail, a couple of bots developed using the
Java Client Toolkit to show how they work and how you can create your own.
We conclude this chapter by suggesting enhancements to the bot concept, a
discussion around possible deployment scenarios, and a whole host of ideas for
potential bots.
For the purposes of this chapter, we assume you are familiar with the developer
toolkits that come with Sametime; if you are not, you may wish to read the
redbook Working with the Sametime Client Toolkits, SG24-6666.

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