128 Lotus LearningSpace R5.01 Deployment Guide
9.1 Before you begin
Read Chapter 5, “Hardware and software requirements” on page 51 to verify that
your server meets the requirements. Proceed with the described steps in
Chapter 7, “Pre-installation” on page 77 to prepare the server.
Never install across a network
Installing across a network may cause problems, as you will lose your network
connection when the installation program restarts the server machine. Even if
you had selected the Reconnect at logon option, you may not get the
connection back in time for the installation program to continue without problems.
Either install from your LearningSpace CD, or download the files to your hard
drive and install from there.
Anti-virus software: Schedule your LearningSpace 5 installation
If you have virus detection software running on your server, schedule the
LearningSpace installation so it does not conflict with the virus scans. If your
virus-detection software begins scanning during the LearningSpace installation,
the installation may not be able to run until the scan is complete, and may run
into problems at that point.
9.2 Install the software package
The installation of the LearningSpace Collaboration module is quite
straightforward. Proceed with the steps described in Chapter 7, “Installing the
First Collaboration server,” in the LearningSpace 5.01 Installation Guide.
Here are some observations about the Collaboration installation that are not
covered by the LearningSpace 5.01 Installation Guide:
򐂰 The installation program is located on the Collaboration at
drive:\Collaboration\Setup.exe. Do not use the setup.exe files that are below
the Collaboration\Sametime directory.
This is important: During the installation, you will be asked for the installation
path. Be aware that the data directory is placed below the installation path
and moving of the data directory is not supported. If you have decided to
install the operating system plus applications on partition C: and all
application data on partition D: then you’ll have to install the whole
Collaboration server on partition D:
򐂰 After the installation you should open the <installdir>\Data\setup.log file and
verify that the last line says Sametime Server setup completed

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