Creating, Modifying, Troubleshooting Fields for Web Clients

Currently 17 different data types can be assigned to a field in Notes. Not all are supported or work exactly the same on the Web. Comparisons of the HTML and Domino field types are listed in Table 14.2.

Table 14.2. Domino Field Types and HTML Equivalents
Domino Field TypeHTML Equivalent
Text, Date/Time, Number, Authors, Names, ReadersInput (text)
Dialog list, Listbox, Combobox, Time zoneSelect
Check boxCheck box
Radio buttonRadio
Rich Text, Rich Text LiteText area
Formula, ColorNone

Rich Text fields are translated as a multirow text box. If the functionality of Rich Text is needed, you can display Rich Text as a Java Applet. This option is set in the Field Properties, ...

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