Love It, Don't Leave It

Book description

How long has it been since you've said that about your work?

What are you waiting for?
Your organization to care?
Your boss to go?
Your colleague to stop being a jerk?
Someone to hand you an exciting new assignment?
More money?

This book is the antidote to waiting. Return to it again and again. Dog-ear the pages and highlight ideas that hit home. Sometimes you have to go, but often you don't. Love It, Don't Leave It will teach you how to get satisfaction from your work …….right where you are … now.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Praise for Love It, Don’t Leave It
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. What’s Love Got to Do With It?
    2. Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places
    3. Shift Happens
  8. Ask: And You May Receive
    1. They Want to Hear from You
    2. Step 1: Get Crystal-Clear About What You Want
    3. Step 2: Consider Who, When, and How You’ll Ask
    4. Step 3: Identify the Barriers—Then Bulldoze Them
    5. And If the Answer Is No?
  9. Buck: Don’t Pass It
    1. If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me
    2. Beware the Blame Game
  10. Career: Chart Your Course
    1. Whose Career Is It, Anyway?
    2. Here’s Lookin’ At You
    3. Lookin’ Around
    4. Now, Create the Plan
  11. Dignity: Give It to Get It
    1. And—Give It to Get It!
  12. Enrich: Energize Your Work
    1. Job Judo—Go With the Energy
    2. Energy Matching
    3. Learning Assignments—Give Yourself One
    4. Sell It Up
  13. Family: Seen Yours Lately?
    1. Get Creative
    2. Get Inclusive
    3. Get Focused
  14. Goals: Up Is Not the Only Way
    1. The Lateral Option (Moving Across or Horizontally)
    2. The Enrichment Option (Growing in Place)
    3. The Exploratory Option (Temporary Move to Research Other Options)
    4. The Realignment Option (Moving Downward)
    5. The Vertical Option (Moving to the Next Rung on the Career Ladder)
    6. The Relocation Option (Moving On)
  15. Hire: Are You On Board?
    1. Build Bridges, Not Gangplanks
    2. A Never-Ending Story
  16. Information: Plug Yourself In
    1. In or Out of the Loop?
    2. Watch the Bouncing Ball
    3. Beware the Rumor Mill
    4. Close to the Vest
    5. Give Information, Too
  17. Jerk: Work With One?
    1. Alter, Accept, or Avoid
    2. What If the Jerk Is Your Boss?
    3. Who, Me?
  18. Kicks: Are We Having Fun Yet?
    1. Caution—Fun-Free Zone
    2. You Go First
  19. Link: Build the Connection
    1. Missing Links
    2. Link In Your Own Backyard
    3. Link to the Outside
    4. To Get a Link, Be a Link
  20. Mentor: Make Your Own Match
    1. Search for a Sage
    2. Multiple Mentor Moments
    3. Focus Your Mentor By Focusing Yourself
    4. Do Your Part
  21. Numbers: Assess Your Worth
    1. Show Me the Money
    2. Is It About the Money?
    3. Investigate and Calculate
    4. Some Bosses Don’t Have All the Information
    5. Put Your Numbers to Work
  22. Opportunities: They’re Still Knocking
    1. Opportunity Alert? or Opportunity Inert?
    2. Seek: You Might Find
    3. See: What’s In Front of You and More
    4. Seize: This Day and Beyond
  23. Passion: It’s Not Just a Fruit
    1. I Love My Work!
    2. Spice It
    3. Search for It
    4. Blend It
    5. Request It
  24. Question: Go Outside the Box
    1. What Is This Box Made of?
    2. Some Rule Breakers We’ve Grown to Love (Just So You Know You’re Not Alone)
  25. Reward: Reap Your Own
    1. The Ins and Outs of Reward
    2. Do It Yourself
  26. Space: Want Some?
    1. Want Outer or Inner Space?
    2. Wiifm (What’s in It for Me?) Possibilities
    3. What About Pandora’s Box?
    4. Space-Friendly Already?
  27. Truth: It Hurts … or Does It?
    1. Thanks for the Gift (Send Socks Next Time)
    2. A Process, Not an Event
    3. How Can I Grow?
    4. Perception Is Reality
    5. Tell It, Too
  28. Understand: Are You Listening Enough?
    1. Follow the Blinking Word
  29. Values: What Matters Most?
    1. Define Your Values
    2. Define Their Values
    3. Now, Put It All Together
  30. Wellness: Time for a Checkup?
    1. Manage Your Time (OK, How?)
    2. Sleep and Eat (Duh!)
    3. Exercise (Groan)
    4. Learn Stress Management and Relaxation (Ohhmm)
    5. Unleash and Unplug (Ahhh)
    6. Baby Steps for Better Balance
  31. X-ers and Other Generations: Bridge the Gap
    1. Gaps At Work
    2. What’s Your View?
    3. Gap Bridging
  32. Yield: Get Out of Your Own Way
    1. Yield Lessons: Why and How to Yield
    2. How to Get Your Boss to Yield
    3. Too Much of a Good Thing?
  33. Zenith: Are We There Yet?
    1. Satisfaction Requires Action
  34. If: But If You Must Leave
    1. Analyze This
    2. Investigate That
    3. Going Out On Your Own?
    4. Go for It
  35. Index
  36. About the Authors
  37. Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  38. Working With the Authors
    1. Career Systems International (CSI), a Beverly Kaye Company
    2. The Jordan Evans Group
  39. Going Deeper: Individual & Organizational Love It Resources
    1. Individual Tools
    2. Workshop
    3. E Learning
    4. Internet Portal for Work Satisfaction

Product information

  • Title: Love It, Don't Leave It
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2003
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576758755