Chapter 28. Hardware (Topic 2.204)

This Topic supplements the Level 1 Topic 101, Hardware and Architecture. In Chapter 3, we discussed hardware subjects such as BIOS, modem and sound cards, SCSI devices, PC expansion cards, modems, and USB devices. For Level 2, you're expected to implement software RAID solutions, configure specialized hardware, customize software drivers and kernel configurations, and install PCMCIA hardware devices.

This Topic contains four Objectives:

Objective 1: Configuring RAID

Candidates should be able to configure and implement software RAID. This Objective includes using mkraid tools and configuring RAID 0, 1, and 5. Weight: 2.

Objective 2: Adding New Hardware

Candidates should be able to configure internal and external devices for a system including new hard disks, dumb terminal devices, serial UPS devices, multiport serial cards, and LCD panels. Weight: 3.

Objective 3: Software and Kernel Configuration

Candidates should be able to configure kernel options to support various hardware devices including UDMA drives and IDE CD burners. This Objective includes using LVM to manage hard disk drives and partitions as well as software tools to interact with hard disk settings. Weight: 2.

Objective 4: Configuring PCMCIA Devices

Candidates should be able to configure a Linux installation to include PCMCIA support. This objective includes configuring PCMCIA devices, such as Ethernet adapters, to autodetect when inserted. Weight: 1.

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